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iMean AI
How it Works
Beyond Simple Process Automation
iMean AI has cutting-edge AI technology that enables it to think, learn, and adapt. This advanced intelligence empowers our AI assistant to go beyond basic process automation, providing you with more sophisticated solutions with thinking.
Universal Compatibility and Versatility
iMean AI's cross-platform execution capabilities ensure that you can benefit across all of your tools and platforms. Our AI assistant is ready to enhance your workflow and help you achieve your goals with full-scenario coverage.
Seamless Software Integration
Simply provide a link to the software you wish to connect with, and our advanced algorithms will take care of the rest. Say goodbye to manual setup and complicated configurations – iMean AI streamlines the process for a seamless experience.

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For Product Managers
The Ultimate Solution

We are excited to announce iMean AI's full-scenario coverage tailored to product managers during our early access phase. Simplify your workload and achieve your goals faster than ever before with our cutting-edge AI automation.

Early Features for Product Managers:
Roadmap and backlog management
Effortlessly manage roadmaps and backlogs with automated iteration adjustments, sprint scheduling, and story duration estimation.
Task prioritization and assignment
User story creation and description
Timetable arrangement
Coming Soon
Full Scenario Capabilities

TaskGenius AI is constantly evolving to expand its capabilities across various industries and roles. In the near future, we'll be providing full-scenario capabilities for:







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